Social Equity

  • The Delaneys of Delhi

    “High carbon luxuries in the west like car, meat consumption, flying that are seen as necessities, actually aren’t. We don’t want to romanticise poverty yet we note our neighbours remain remarkably content even though they don’t have all the stuff we have there.” Full story here Print story here

  • Honor

    “There is a culture of silence and I wanted to be the voice for the victims. Girls are too scared to talk, or be who they truly are. Everyone thinks forced marriage only happens to girls in places like India and Pakistan yet it happens in United Kingdom and United States.” Full story here

  • SWF Angela Saini

    “If you were a geek growing up, you’ll recognise how lonely it can be. If you were the female geek, you’ll know it’s far lonelier,” says Angela Saini in her book Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong, which takes on biased assumptions and sloppy research against women in science. Full story here Print story here  

  • 102 Not Out

    At long last, a pair of old men share the driving seat in an emotional movie ride. Statistics tell us that women outlive men in their lifespans. But what happens when their partners perish earlier and men are left alone in the empty nest? Full story here

  • Storytellers sans borders

    Narrated with warmth, candour and humour, these untold stories are an amalgamation of past and present. They depict the joys and challenges of migrants with love, even as they trace cultural, social and political barriers, giving voice to their struggles of accepting, redefining and/or establishing their dual originality, independent of kin or country. Full story…

  • Prabhavati Meppayil at Biennale

    Prabhavati Meppayil’s majestic installation ‘sb/eighteen’ (2018) occupies a huge rectangular wall at the entrance court of Art Gallery of New South Wales. Intricately placed traditional artisan tools, geometric in form, are the focal point of this creative. Full story here Print story here

  • Tanya Goel at Biennale

    There is a fine, meditative quality to Tanya Goel’s creations being displayed at Artspace in Sydney as part of the ongoing Sydney Biennale. They convey precision even when exploring the rubble and roughness of urban cityscapes. Full story here Print story here  

  • NS Harsha at Biennale

    There is no escaping the dramatic impact of 900 teak elephants stamping through NS Harsha’s stunning wall-mounted installation, Reclaiming the inner space, 2018, on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for Biennale Sydney. According to Harsha, they are carrying the weight of today’s brutal times. Full story here Print version here  

  • October

    October is like that rare, precious and real moment which arrives in our prescribed lives completely unannounced. Like a soft petal, or a floating cloud, or a silent wave. Filled with calm and spontaneity. Making us wonder what to do with it. Savour it? Live it? Run from it? Fast forward it? Solid, ready, and patient, it waits…

  • Pari

    The devil is in the detail: a simple story is fairly layered in the way it is told. Prosit Roy’s Pari is definitely not a fairytale. In fact, it is scary, gruesome and quite confronting to watch in parts. Yet I left the theatre with a fuzzy feeling after an evocative, emotional climax and post…