Therapist & Social Worker

Website: dearsaathi.org

I am an experienced therapist and social worker, specialised in counselling people through crisis and mental health issues. I provide individual support to clients going through depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, unemployment, health and relationship issues. My instinct, reflection and empathetic approach have helped develop a good rapport and relationships to work effectively. I believe in mental health empowerment, justice and human rights and am passionate about supporting people sustain, evolve and thrive through life.

I am an Approved Counsellor with The Department of Communities and Justice in NSW to provide counselling services for eligible victims (Services) and an accredited Social Worker, registered with Australian Association of Social Workers. I completed my Masters in Social Work from Australian College of Applied Psychology. I am multilingual and can speak English, Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, and Konkani.

As a practitioner, my approach while working with clients is trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, strengths and evidence-based. I work with an integrated and collaborative approach, including a combination of humanistic, behavioural, ecological family systems and narrative therapies. My experience in Mental Health Suicide Prevention, Crisis Support and Intervention have helped me look beyond and dig deeper into how crisis and problems affect individuals through life and their innate capacity to develop coping skills when there appears to be no way out.

I am a leader in crisis support service, supporting individuals through crisis with suicide/ suicidal behaviours, relationship issues, addiction, social and mental health problems, domestic and family violence, loss and grief, health and disability, and general issues. I train and supervise crisis supporters, supervisors and team leaders, building remote and direct teams who help in delivering service to help seekers in crisis. Working in a women’s health centre, I provided counselling and intervention using collaborative feminist, strengths-based, narrative, ecological/ systems, family, anti-oppressive, reflexive and holistic approaches to support individuals and groups.