I am Hamida Parkar, a freelance journalist and founder-editor of cinemaspotter.com.

My work focuses on cinema, culture, women, and social equity.

Cinema is my passion, mainly Hindi movies. People, places, cultures, history, change and conversations inspire me and my writing. Social issues bother me, so currently I am studying Master of Social Work to dig deeper.

General interest stories that make humanity tick also pique my curiosity, such as relationships, food, lifestyle, wellness, personal finance, technology, travel, product writing, and blogs.

23843358_10155849144002889_2082753660208362270_nIn 21 years of my work, I’ve written for, and edited print and online publications in India and Sydney including: indianlink.com.au, indiacurrents.com, ratecity.com.au, silvertalkies.com, careerone.com.au, who.com.au, newidea.com.au, thatslife.com.au, The Asian Age, Society, Filmfare, vindia.com, indya.com, yahoo.co.in, and more.

I spent most of my school, college and working years in Mumbai. Australia called 10 years ago, and I packed my bags and moved to Sydney without ever visiting it; enthusiastic to get a glimpse of what life would be like abroad.

Mumbai and Sydney are my two homes as of now, though I originate from a little village in the Western part of India.

I’m an Indian at heart, Sydneysider in spirit and global in my views.

Write to me at hamidaparkar@gmail.com


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