NS Harsha at Biennale

There is no escaping the dramatic impact of 900 teak elephants stamping through NS Harsha’s stunning wall-mounted installation, Reclaiming the inner space, 2018, on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for Biennale Sydney. According to Harsha, they are carrying the weight of today’s brutal times. Full story here

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Screenshot (25).png October

October is like that rare, precious and real moment which arrives in our prescribed lives completely unannounced. Like a soft petal, or a floating cloud, or a silent wave. Filled with calm and spontaneity. Making us wonder what to do with it. Savour it? Live it? Run from it? Fast forward it? Solid, ready, and patient, it waits until we surrender to its truth and embrace it.

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october1 Pari

The devil is in the detail: a simple story is fairly layered in the way it is told. Prosit Roy’s Pari is definitely not a fairytale. In fact, it is scary, gruesome and quite confronting to watch in parts. Yet I left the theatre with a fuzzy feeling after an evocative, emotional climax and post script. As if it is possible to scrape through muddy waters and find a lotus. That love is still that one thing that can save us.

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“You would fall in love with him. He has this wonderful warmth. He was the guy who would have the big feasts. He would cook Indian food for everyone, and make a family feeling on the set… His nature is fun, funny and unbelievably warm. I hate to use the word teddy bear, but he is like that. You just want to hug him. He’s that kind of a guy.”

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Resolutions come and go but goal of eating healthily always prevails.  Nutrition tops most people’s priority list but sustainability is steadily gaining traction among healthy eaters.

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Mission Monet House. It takes me less than 5 minutes to locate the spot where Epoch’s Assisted Living facility is centrally located in Kondhwa, Pune. I expect a cottage because, well it’s a ‘house’. To my pleasant surprise, I find myself gaping at a high-rise building instead within a secure, posh and gated society.

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Sunil Vishwanath and wife Sangeetha EG first registered something amiss with his mother Lakshmi Vishwanath five years ago. She constantly fought with her husband. Their loyal domestic worker noticed contradictory behaviour. But the family wasn’t ready to listen.

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